Due to the diffusion of products of dubious effectiveness and the spread of alarming awareness-raising phenomena, triggered by the presence of polluting agents and inappropriate lifestyles, Joliment’s mission is to support the importance of natural care and Love for oneself.

Joliment has a consolidated partnership with NP, a company specialised in scientific research, which also commercializes Tecnophor and Rejuveskin products.
In particular, all Rejuveskin products are based on the use of Abamav (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Micotic, Anti Viral), a compound consisting of aqueous extracts derived from a strictly selected algae mix with broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. Abamav is entirely natural and supports the immune system without attacking our body. In addition to these products, our aesthetic offer also includes hyaluronic acid, anti-acne, vegetable collagen, elastin, Rejuve-Cell, Abamav Gel, Anti Age and many more …


The use of non-chemical products, is of utmost importance, doing a huge favor to our immune system and skin


They are often present in creams or treatments that are sold on the traditional market, which, of course, are able to give clarity to our skin, but only for a few hours. In fact, they are not plausible if we consider some corrosive and toxic ingredients that we find inside.


in our Rejuveskin products, based on ABAMAV, distributed by Joliment, is increasing day by day. In addition, ABAMAV is recommended for all clients who have different problems with the epidermis. Our products do not contain chemicals and have no side effects.